Saturday, December 31, 2011


Over the holiday, I had help from visiting family to act on five items that had been on my outdoor list.

I had help planting five small cacti in their designated area. My son-in-law dug, I loosened the cactus from its small pot and my daughter and I crumbled the soil to fill in the holes.

My daughter cheered me on (literally) while I mowed through my Texas Wildscape to create a serene winding path which I can now mulch. She lifted the wire fence so I could cut down the growth along it, too. The path will meander through old plants and new ones that I will add during this dormant season.

My daughter drilled holes in the next wicking bucket while I made up a soil mix from mushroom compost, planting mix and cotton burr compost. Later, we filled egg crate starters with the soil mix and planted some beet and pepper seeds.

Meanwhile, my son-in-law graciously made two corner fences out of cedar shingles along my front walk where it meets the sidewalk. My daughter and I swept up the dirt and leaves and I put them inside the corner fences, where they will help prevent run-off.

I will plant moss roses there in the Spring.

1-2-3-4-5. In two hours. I am now six months ahead.

So grateful for this wonderful agro-eco-home tourism.

*Permablitz is the term used when a group of people all help to transform a lawn into a permaculture setting with garden, compost pile, fruit/nut trees, community setting to share ideas.

© 2011 Kathryn Hardage