Monday, July 22, 2013

Two-Fold Plan

The first part of my plan is to use the model developed by Aquaponics and Earth.  In cinder block gardens and greenhouse, they use a nutrient-rich substrate which produces the most abundant and healthy growth I have ever seen, even in drought conditions.

The second part is to learn more about gardening in containers with the same substrate.  I will germinate seeds and transplant them into the containers so that I can move them to ideal locations for the amount of sun they require.

My goal is to eat something every day from my garden.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

Surprise and Delight

My front yard in blooming with perennials and native plants.  It has taken about three years to fill it up.  I have learned about spacing for more mature plants, and these areas are starting to look fuller.

In the backyard, the third year worked a charm on a struggling coreopsis plant.  It was about three inches tall the first year, about six inches tall the second year, and this year, it took of and is about two feet high and two feet wide and filling out with more branches and beautiful deep yellow-gold flowers.

I bought two comfrey plants at an herbal talk by a Master Gardener a few months ago.  They are taking hold in a garden bed.

And I began exploring container gardening.  My seed potatoes from Missouri have started sprouting and growing like crazy.  I keep adding more soil as the leaves and stems grow up.  I will have buckets of potatoes to share.

I also put two-year asparagus crowns in buckets.  They too are growing.  I have added all the soil I can to their buckets, and the slender stems are continuing to wave high above their containers.

In continuing action, the sunflower forest is back.  It is forming a nice natural “room” where it meets the peach tree.  My new compost pile is enriching an area underneath the peach tree.

It is a surprise and a delight to discover new things happening in the garden each season.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage