Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A New Backyard and A New Container Garden

My new backyard garden is a container garden.  It sits in the middle of a mowed acre on rocky soil.  It is portable, which is good because I was able to move it from its rainwater catchment location to the center of the meadow.  There are almost no weeds.

I have several varieties of tomatoes and peppers, along with two kinds of squash, three kinds of kale and assorted other vegetables.

I am enjoying it very much.  At first, I took daily photos of the first peppers and tomatoes.  Since then, I have eaten a couple of brand new strawberries, and my husband and I each ate one new Black Cherry tomato.

I will cook a Hungarian Wax Pepper with my next stew.  
It looks like it will be a hot variety.

After collecting five-gallon buckets in Texas, I have found a business in Missouri which is saving them for me.  Now, I am expanding my garden.

I have also set up a small strawbale garden.  I am starting some new vegetables and flowers from seed for it.  I am using a seed starting kit with coir pellets and will transplant them when they get big enough.

The strawbale garden needs a rabbit fence, so I have the wire fencing to install.

Although I sewed some potato grow bags, I don’t think they are going to produce any potatoes.  We had such rainy weather when I started the seed potatoes in them, or else I started them too late.  I haven’t seen any growth coming from them yet.

I am delighted to have a garden started this year which is growing veggies and herbs.  I am looking forward to experiencing the harvest in a couple more months.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage