Thursday, February 9, 2017

Growing Peace in My Garden

I have been reading about growing food in my own garden.

I have even tried it a few times with minimal results.

However, I am still encouraged.

The way I am going about it this year, is with more knowledge and better timing.

I have one raised bed, which my husband built for me last Fall.  

I grew two kinds of kale in it and some thyme.

I also planted garlic, which due to the extremes of warm and cold weather back and forth, has decided to sprout early.

I have started new raised beds with kitchen scraps and compost and soil from my containers from last year.

I am putting cardboard or old carpet under them, then adding the kitchen scraps and covering them with the compost and soil.

I also sprinkle red pepper flakes to discourage neighborhood pets and wildlife.

So far, so good.

My small collection of seeds which are sprouting will be transplanted into two containers by a north window of my kitchen until the last frost is past.  (We hope!  Wo can tell anymore?)

I will start more seeds.

I am looking forward to eating from my own garden this year.

It is an encouraging and peaceful feeling, that I will have food that close at hand.

I am also looking forward to sharing the abundance.

In order to have an orderly and peaceful and successful experience, I will plant herbs among the vegetables, and flowers, as well.

I will plant mints and aromatics in pots to discourage rodents.  The pots will help contain these plants which like to spread.

This will give me more peace, as I learn to protect my plants in ways that are beneficial to pollinators and which discourage pests.

So, this new gardener looks forward to the new season with great hope, once again.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage