Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Accidental Squash

When my husband and I unloaded the first mushroom compost, I never expected what could grow from a couple of hidden squash seeds.

From early March, when the seeds first sprouted to mid-June, the squash has been taken over the garden area and beyond.

Since I am mostly preparing soil, I am OK with it.

I am reminded of the story I heard as a little girl called “The Quick Running Squash”.

A little boy sees his squash growing so fast that he jumps on it as the vine keeps growing and growing and then he rides it all over the country.  I think it ends with a farmer cutting the vine with an ax to rescue the boy.

I totally understand the inspiration for the story now!

The story is by Alicia Aspinwall and it begins on page 201 of Volume One of "My Book House", and you can see it with the illustrations as I heard it and then read it as a child with this link.

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